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  • Marija Sisic's profile image
    1. Marija Sisic 3 invites (30P) not eligible to win yet
  • Naim Borer's profile image
    2. Naim Borer 3 invites (30P) currently in a winning position
  • Katja Mühle's profile image
    3. Katja Mühle 2 invites (20P) currently in a winning position
  • Diana Tomas's profile image
    4. Diana Tomas 2 invites (20P)
  • Lucia Bachmann's profile image
    5. Lucia Bachmann 1 invite (10P)
  • Aletheia Aila's profile image
    6. Aletheia Aila 1 invite (10P)
  • Melanie's profile image
    7. Melanie 1 invite (10P)

Terms & Conditions


Users of desirio can participate in these contests to be eligible for winning one of their wishes. To raise in the leaderboard, try to convince as many of your friends to join desirio and add wishes to their wishlist as possible.


Referred friends between 10.12.2017 (00:00) and 15.12.2017 (23:59) count as a referral, if they have at least one wish on their wishlist. The top-ranking 3 users will be awarded a randomly chosen wish with a maximum value of 100.- CHF from their wishlist. Awards are non-transferable and not redeemable for cash. Participation is open to persons resident in Switzerland. Terms and conditions are subject to change.

Good faith

We introduce this contest in good faith and expect the same good faith in return. Please note that we may withhold awards where we believe customers are acting in bad faith or otherwise acting contrary to the intent of this program. To be clear, commercializing, advertising or in any way paying for a referral is not appropriate, and we will not honor such codes. Mis-behaving users can and will be excluded from ongoing and future contests. We cannot cover every nefarious scenario, nor will we attempt to, but we do promise to be fair and reasonable.

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